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math-only-math: grade-4

math-only-math: grade-4 Grade 4 Math Curriculum Place Value Concept. … Add and Subtract Multi-Digit Numbers. … Multiply by One-Digit Numbers. … Multiply by Two-Digit Numbers. … Divide Multi-Digit Numbers by One-Digit Numbers. … Factors, Multiples and Patterns. … Understand Fraction Equivalence and Comparison. … Add and Subtract Fractions. place value concept Place Value Concept:  This […]

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IELTS EXAMS IN 2024: Dates, Registration, fees

Ielts exams   The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is a globally recognized assessment of English language proficiency, celebrating its 36th year in 2024. It is a standardized test that evaluates the language skills of individuals who aim to study, work, or migrate to English-speaking countries. IELTS offers two types of tests: Academic and

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why study learn foreign language

Why Learn Foreign Language In 2024

why learn foreign language in 2024 IN today”‘s era most people are interested in learning a foreign language question arises why study  foreign language? Studying a foreign language offers numerous benefits, including broadening career opportunities, enhancing cognitive abilities, fostering cultural understanding, and facilitating travel and communication in diverse settings. By embracing unconventional methods such as

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In Today’s fast-paced world, effective study habits are crucial for academic success. However, many students struggle to maintain focus and productivity during study sessions. This introductory guide aims to provide practical strategies to enhance productivity while studying, ensuring that the time invested yields optimal results. There are some ways how to increase productivity while studying:


Maths grade 2

Maths Grade 2:-Learn Step By Step

      Math is an educational resource designed to help second-grade students improve their math skills. It provides a structured approach to learning various mathematical concepts, such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, geometry, and more. The introduction typically outlines the goals of the program and how it can benefit students in their mathematical development.

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Home Tuition vs Group Tuition: What to Choose

Is home tuition good for students. Home Tuition is a Good Choice for students. Home tuition… Read More AstaracademyNovember 30, 2023 Why Home Tuition Is Required INTRODUCTION Home Tuition, a qualified and experienced tutor travels to… Read More AstaracademyNovember 29, 2023 Unlocking the Potential: The Benefits of Home Tuition In the bustling and dynamic city

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